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Jay-Z Now Adding Rap Interludes to Every Conversation With Beyoncé

Joe Lazauskas Joe Lazauskas |
Jay-Z fans are abuzz with the release of Hova’s new album, “Magna Carta…Holy Grail,” and Beyoncé fans are too, as the queen of hip-hop is the focus of many of... more

Neil Gaiman’s New Book Inspired By The Delightful Child Inside the Delightful Child Inside the Delightful Child Inside Neil Gaiman

Catherine Sylvain Catherine Sylvain |
Fantasy writer Neil Gaiman has amassed an impressive volume of writing credits, prizes, and tweets containing the word “lovely” to his name. The author once famously told a gro... more

Modern Norse Pagans Outraged Over Lack of Skull Crushing in Thor Sequel

Norman Stern Norman Stern |
Modern Norse Pagans expressed outrage over internet rumors that there would be no skull crushing whatsoever in ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ a sequel to the 2011 film base... more

The Walking Dead to Air “Upside Down Episodes”

Norman Stern Norman Stern |
‘The Walking Dead’ is getting a new perspective. Thanks to the success of the first black and white episode that ran before the mid-season premier last Sunday, AMC announced it ... more

Gay Gynecologist Just In It to Help Women

Buzz Feldman Buzz Feldman |
In what’s being reported as a first of its kind case for a man, Birmingham gynecologist Raymond Miller is said to have gone into gynecology for no reason other than to hel... more

‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 5): Bury The Lede

Alex Crumb |
Save the journalist! Save the election! And don’t bury the lede. Hey, know what would make this show even better? Another Big Bad! On a show that prides itself in being un... more

The Heiress Review On Broadway

Jonathan Mandell |
At the beginning of “The Heiress,” the heartbreaking story of an abandoned love, Jessica Chastain descends the staircase of a sumptuous mansion in a dazzling red dress and a glo... more

’30 Rock’ Recap (Season 7, Episode 5): “There’s No I in America”

Ezra Riemer |
30 Rock goes a little crazy with the topicality in a Part 2 that strains under the weight of its ambition. There weren't any official stills for this ep (probably because o... more

’666 Park Avenue’ Recap: “A Crowd of Demons”

Mary Strope |
A Halloween-themed ep brings marital strife, the smoke guy’s murderous, ax-wielding rampage, and the theft of a valuable and mysterious Box of Mystery! Jane and Henry, lookin�... more

‘Revolution’ Recap (Season 1, Episode 6): “Sex and Drugs”

Craig McQuinn |
Charlie and Aaron make difficult choices and therefore become much more interesting in NBC’s Revolution A lot of you are probably dealing with your own power outage due to Hur... more

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