Art And Sex

A Lady at Table, A Whore in Bed

Lilika Ruby |
As a young girl in Mexico, I learned at an early age about the double standard imposed on women and their sexuality. “Los hombres quieren a una dama en la mesa, y a una pu... more

Totally Hot 1970s Banana Love

Lilika Ruby |
Don’t have too much to say, just wanted to share this Polish artist’s work. The image should take you right to her site. Enjoy. more

Naked in the Museum, IV (yup, still nsfw)

Lilika Ruby |
So I am currently doing research on porn and its various collisions and collusions with the world of fine art for a conference in April. I’m really hoping to write an eventual b... more

An Argument for a Kinky Education

Lilika Ruby |
I should have read Camille Paglia the first time I picked up one of her books, when I was 19. Sexual Personae. Completed in 1981, but left unpublished – rejected by 7 majo... more

The Museum as a Space for Arousal

Lilika Ruby |
Something I’ve been thinking about since creating this column: What happens when we think about the gallery or museum as a space for arousal? (P.S. for all you art nerds: Let’s ... more

Sex Machine Painting, Continued

Lilika Ruby |
See the last installment on Sex Machine Painting. I’ve been talking to R.S. for over an hour now. I still haven’t seen her paint, although the evidence is all around us. It’s ac... more

Sex Machine Painting

Lilika Ruby |
My friend R.S. likes to paint while fucking. Well, okay – technically I guess it’s masturbating. But with a sex machine. So it’s fucking and masturbating ̵... more

Orgasms, Stacks + Double Rainbow Ecstasy

Lilika Ruby |
So it really helps if you haven’t been living under a rock and have already seen the original freak out, but this is still pretty genius. We have VJ Peter Rand to thank fo... more

Naked in the Museum: Part 3 – TD&A sooooo NSFW

Lilika Ruby |
Okay – so I realize that this column is called Art + Sex and that to this point, my Naked in the Museum posts have covered simply that: some nakedness. (Bad pun. Sorry. Is... more

Gangbang Parties and Domina Rooms

Lilika Ruby |
Those of you who’ve been reading Art + Sex will recognize this truly lovely reference made in response to Christoph Büchel’s exhibition in the Secession earlier this... more

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