Nation Furiously Masturbating to New Wendy’s Girl

Cousin Moishy |
A new Nielsen study reports that the citizens of the United States of America are furiously masturbating to the new Wendy’s girl. more

New Video Series Hindsight Offers Career Advice To Creatives

Erik Oster |
Ever wished you could have a top-notch advertising mentors? Now you can with Hindsight, a video series focused on career wisdom for people in creative fields created by former O... more

The Very Dangerous World of The Lifetime Movie Network

Mat Zucker |
Targeted advertising isn’t new. We’re used to beer commercials during sporting events, pharma during the 6:30 news hour, and online brokerage ads on financial sites.... more

Be Disruptive: Highlights From WIRED’s Business Conference

Mat Zucker |
This coming week is Creative Week in NYC, which includes the One Show for advertising, design and interactive, the UnConference, and lectures and events around Manhattan and Bro... more

What Does It Take For A Secretary to Get Flowers?

Mat Zucker |
To remind you that 2012 Administrative Professionals Day is coming—Wednesday, April 25—I’ll share how I prodded folks my first year in the ad business. It was unabashedly self-s... more

SXSWi 2012: So That’s What All The Fuss Was About

Mat Zucker |
You probably don’t need me to tell you what SXSW is, how it rained most of the weekend in Austin, or even about the big controversy over an agency’s project there ca... more

Industry Events: A Bore or A Boon?

Mat Zucker |
I have mixed feelings about industry events. From heady Pop-Tech in Maine and the uber-glam Cannes Lions in France to niche events like the First Corporate Podcasting Summit at ... more

Modern Promotion at Retail: Come Inside. Please.

Mat Zucker |
Free can of soda with sandwich purchase. Autographed copies today only. 50 percent off holiday merchandise. With so much talk about the impact of small business on the economy, ... more

Top 10 in 2011 Marketing That We’ll Still Be Talking About In 2012

Mat Zucker |
I think a look back is only as good as it helps you look forward. So here’s my list of what happened in marketing in 2011 that I think will shape what comes in 2012. 1. Im... more

Customer Service in Advertising: They Picked Me Up

Mat Zucker |
Perhaps I’ve too many frustrating experiences at our neighborhood Rite Aid, at which employees can’t help me find something or even answer questions such as why they... more

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