Academic Politics

“Race to the Top”: A Bush Doctrine in Obama Clothing

Ken Mondschein |
In between the electoral shakeup in Massachusetts, the Supreme Court effectively putting elected offices up for auction, and the aftershocks in Haiti that were probably caused ... more

What’s Wrong With American Education?

Ken Mondschein |
There have long been two prevailing views of education in America. The first is exemplified by John Dewey’s dictum, “Education is a social process. Education is growth. Educatio... more

Why The New York Times is Wrong About Higher Education

Ken Mondschein |
The New York Times, usually considered a center-left rag, has been getting awfully Friedmanesque in its education coverage. Take, for instance, this article on the demand for hi... more

Story of the Year: The Professor and the Cop

Ken Mondschein |
The “Academic Politics Story of the Year award” goes to Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., of Harvard University and Sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge Police De... more

Why You Should Go Back to Grad School

Ken Mondschein |
To weather the current economic storm under the eaves of some neo-gothic academic pile, studying Kirkegaard or parsing Lucretius is a tempting fantasy. I have the opposite probl... more

Welcome to Academic Politics

Ken Mondschein |
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Faster Times’ new column, “Academic Politics.” If you are not here for Academic Politics, you are in the wrong room. Yes, ... more

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